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CleanShield Group


by TT Clean


 A Danish based cleaning company, established in 2002 by Thomas Bowmann and wife Trille Bowmann.

Today the company counts 32 employees and has 2 divisions; Head Office in Fredericia (West Denmark) &  Sales Office in Copenhagen (East Denmark).

Since the beginning we have had our focus on developing and optimizing our process and effectivity. It resulted in our new concept with very unique and "green" products.


TT Clean has already been operating in Denmark for the last four years and with many satisfied and not at least loyal customers.

Our customers include some big companies operating on the international scene.


We have used the last few years on developing and improving our concept and we are now 100% ready and our concept works ....and it works fantastic.


No marketing activities has been necessarie, - most of our new customers have been recommended by current customers.

Our customer - portfolio contains companies like:


Maersk, H&M, Arla, ISS, Cirkel K and government agencies in EU. Distributors in South Korea, The Middle East and China.


"...the results you have shown relating to all the six products are each of them quit exciting. It seems as if the products may play a role in solving some of the Global challenges..."


University of Copenhagen,

Department of Food Science


  • Section 9002 of the FSRIA (the Farm Bill of 2002).
  • FDA approval
  • Approved under the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)
  • U.S. government OSHA
  • Registered in EU and in most of the world.


Agriculture, Food, Healthcare, Production, Aquaculture and F&B production

CleanShield Group

Is a Danish-based company, that has been around for more than 15 years. With a completely "green" & natural productline, we create tomorrow's solutions in all industries. No Chemicals!

Our 7 unique pioneering and "green" products, we are changing the world while taking care of the environment.


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