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   (+45) - 61460451

CleanShield Group Team

CEO & Founder

Thomas G. Bowmann

Global Export & Partner 

Thomas H Johnsen

Distributor: Sweden 

CleanShield Sweden

Distributor Agriculture: France

DLG & HaGe

Distributor: Qatar  

Pure Shield Trade & Cleansing

Distributor: Czech Republic 

Thermo Sanace s.r.o.  

Managing Director & Founder

Trille Bowmann


Mikael Andresen

Distributor Agriculture: Sweden

DLG & HaGe

Distributor: Philippines 

CleanShield Philippines

Distributor: Australia 

CleanShield Australia

Distributor: Mexico

CleanShield Mexico  

Product Manager 

Frank Gregersen 

Distributor Agriculture: Denmark, 

DLG & HaGe

Distributor Agriculture: Germany

DLG & HaGe

Distributor: Cameroon  


Distributor: New Zealand 

CleanShield Australia

CleanShield Group

Is a Danish-based company, that has been around for more than 15 years. With a completely "green" & natural product line, we create tomorrow's solutions in all industries. No Chemicals!

Our 7 unique pioneering and "green" products, we are changing the world while taking care of the environment.


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