Face mask TYPE IIR

Medical, Type IIR face mask

Block 99,95% of Bacteria & Viruses..

Self-disinfecting 99,99%..incl.COVID-19

Washable min. 15 times 

CleanShield Face mask


Our innovative 5 layer, washable, Type IIR Face mask introduces a ground breaking protective personal shield against all forms of air pollution and eradicates all bacteria and viruses. The mask utilizing the very latest TiO2 nanotechnology.

Using an active carbon fiber, combined with particle filter technology, our facemask with coated surface, protects much better than any other product on the marked and is washable without losing effect.

By the highly oxidizing effect of photocatalyst from the coating, it also prevent even the smallest harmful particles from your lungs.


  Self-disinfecting eliminates 99,99% of all bacteria & viruses ..

Packaging Front
Packaging Front
Layers on Face mask
Layers on Face mask
CS Face Mask Comparison
CS Face Mask Comparison


Face mask

  • Type IIR Medical mask - block 99,95%

  • Self disifecting surface - incl. SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) within 5 min.

  • Surface of maske eliminates 99,99% of viruses and all bacteria

  • Washable 15 times

  • CleanShield Face mask containes 5 layers.

  • Protect others & you

  • Resusable 

  • Reduces face mask waste