Hand sanitizer all natural 

Eliminates 99,99% of Bacteria & Viruses..

Perfect & presentable hand sanitizer..

100% Natural ingredients..

CleanShield Tissues


CleanShield Tissues is completely "green", a “one of a kind” hand sanitizer solution. The Tissues works Bio-flemish, which means that it pushes the dirt to the surfaceand you will get clean hands in a few seconds. On top of clean hands from dirt you will also eliminate 99,99% of all bacteria & viruses, so you now have a medical clean hand.


 100% natural ingredients product that elimintaes 99,99% of all bacteria & viruses.


"..elimintaes 99,99% of all bacteria & viruses & 100% plant based.."

Better & Greener

The uniqueness of the CleanShield Tissues contains Natural ingredients with the ability to cut through and emulsify hydrocarbons such as oil, wax and grease.

The antimicrobial properties make it also an excellent disinfectant for example, hospitals and medical centers and indispensable product for areas such as schools, office buildings, public plants, restaurants and hotels.


"..CleanShield Tissues are extremely effective & creates safty in a fun way."

No Bacteria are spread
A welcomming & Clean room
Cleaner, Quicker & Safer flight
Secures bacteria from spreading
Secures bacteria from spreading
Secures bacteria from spreading



  • CleanShield Tissues containes 100% natural ingredients and has no residual flavour, odour or colour.

  • Eliminates 99,99% of viruses and all bacteria instantly.

  • It has the ability to break down biofilm.

  • Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity.

  • Working bio-flemish..removing dirt by it self.

  • Works against Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Fungi and Yeast. (gram positive and gram negative)

  • Improves the indoor air quality.

  • Kills off smells from smoking, food production etc..

  • The product is completely nontoxic to animals and humans.