Outdoor Coating

Anti-bacterial surface protection  

Eliminates all mold & fungi growth..

Eliminates pollution particles..

10.000 m2 coated area = O2 from 80 trees

Makes graffiti come off easy..

CleanShield Outdoor Coating


Imagining a building that remains without cleaning maintenance. The latest technology which creates a self-cleaning surface, that does not require any maintenance. 

"..Self cleaning & Eliminates pollution.."

Self-cleaning surface, No algae or moss.

Protects against all the city’s environmental pollutants.

CleanShield self-cleaning coating is a special nano photocatalyst coating combined by photocatalyst and nano technology.

Generally, detergents reduce the surface tension of water and the contact angle is lowered. When the surface of nano level photocatalytic film is exposed to light, the contact angle of the photocatalyst surface with water is reduced gradually. After enough exposure to light, the surface reaches super-hydrophilicity. In other words, it does not repel water at all, so water cannot exist in the shape of a drop, but spreads flatly on the substrate.

The hydrophilic nature of titanium dioxide, coupled with the gravity, will enable the dust particles to be swept away following the water stream (rain), thus making the key feature of self-cleaning and easy-cleaning.

"..Self-cleaning Coating."

The dirt from the city and environment sits to the treatment.

Dust particles keeps to the treatment while it attracted to

the dirt

After irradiation by sunlight decomposes organic molecules which removes and loosen dirt.

Clean Shield Outdoor remove the dirt and fats as afterwards are easily washed away by rain.

Remains without cleaning and maintenance
Green product without chemicals
Protective properties against Mold, Algae & Moss
10.000 m2 coated = o2 from 80 trees


Outdoor Coating

  • Eliminates 99,99% of bacteria & viruses

  • Eliminates all mold growth.

  • Eliminates problems like graffiti.

  • Protects building facades from weather andpollution.

  • Insulates building by reflecting heatingrays.

  • Protects all coated materials from wear and tear by daily use.

  • Protecting the air quality inside when you have open windows.

  • Our coating kills pollution particles.

  • 10.000 m2 coated area = O2 from 80 trees.

  • 5 year guarantee.

  • Saving energy because of less use of air cooler.

  • Self-cleaning 365 days a year!

  • Protects against acid rain, smog, exhaust and air pollution.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission and air pollution in the vicinity of the surface, eg exhaust gases, nitrogen, poison gas, gasoline and smog.

  • Absorbs UV rays from the sun and protects the surface from UV damage and discoloration.

  • Prevents moss and algae from growing, and dirt from attaching to the surface.