Wet Wipes for cleaning without chemicals 

Eliminates 99,99% of Bacteria & Viruses..

100% Natural..

Removes dirt & grease easy..

CleanShield Wipes


CleanShield wet Wipes is completely "green", a “one of a kind” solution to keep specific locations clean and free from bacteria. CleanShield Wipes makes a better cleaning results than other chemically products. Can not be compared with normal wet wipes, do to the anti-bacterial protection.


This natural Wipe has the CleanShield Cleaner in it and therefore works Bio-flemish, which means that you avoid the hard work, as even the toughest dirt released in a few seconds. Such as: Kitchen grease, stains or Oil is no challange for 100% green product CleanShied Wipes. 

GOOD FOR: Hotel-& Restaurant-industry, Clinics & Hospital. Care homes, Schools, Nurseries and Public facilities.  


".. Clean, speed, bacteria free, 100% Natural & plant based.." 

Better & Greener

The uniqueness of the CleanShield Natural Wipe product’s ability to cut through and emulsify hydrocarbons such as oil, wax and grease. This is an indispensable product for areas such as schools, office buildings, public plants and factories to restaurants and hotels.

The antimicrobial properties make it Also an excellent disinfectant for example, hospitals and medical centers. It can not only clean better than any other product on the market, but it also sovle many challenges of time saving and cleaning quality.

A quick and safe solution when cleaness matters. 


"..CleanShield Wipes are extremely effective & Non-Toxic to humans."

Kids furniture
Childrens room
Cars - heavy dirt



  • CleanShield Wipes - eliminates 99,9% of viruses and all bacteria instantly.

  • 100% Natural ingridents and has no residual flavour, odour or colour.

  • Makes the cleaned area Medical clean.

  • Removes all molds and dirt.

  • Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity.

  • Working bio-flemish..removing dirt by it self.

  • Works against Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Fungi and Yeast. (gram positive and gram negative)

  • Saves 85% of water use in the daily cleaning.

  • Saves 80% of cleaning products used in the daily cleaning.

  • Saves 40% of the time used on daily cleaning.

  • Improves the indoor air quality.

  • Kills off smells from smoking, food production etc..

  • The best cleaning product you ever experienced.

  • Can be used on every surface.

  • The product is completely nontoxic to animals and humans.

  • It has the ability to break down biofilm.

  • It is effective even in the presence of organic matter.

  • CleanShield Wipes provides an effective cleaning.

  • Less absenteeism among employees.

  • Active effect is the destruction of cell walls.

  • Does not attack metal and does not affect other materials.

  • Retains its stability when exposed to light.

  • Does not taint food when used at manufacturer’s recommended concentrations.

  • 100% biodegradable.

Major impacts


CleanShield Wipes eliminates all bacteria and viruses.

We tested:

  • Salmonella typhimurium
  • Listeria monocytogenes"
  • MRSA
  • etc. (See the results)

Schools & Care facilities

CleanShield Wipes is working bio-flemish, which means that it removing dirt almost by it self and bacteria immediately.

  • Fungi
  • Mould
  • Coli E.
  • Grease
  • Oil

Public institutes & buildings

CleanShield Wipes keeps the indoore nvironment cleaner and safer. The Wipes is working bio-flemish, which means that it removing dirt and bacteria. 

Useing the Wipes quickly cleans 5-6 m2, so everything that looks clean really are clean even many people touches it every day.